Joe Rosenberg Quartet East

VERSION TWO • 1hr Music 003

Joe Rosenberg (ss), Masako Hamamura (p), Peter Scherr (b), Aksan Sjuman (ds)

WARTAJAZZ • Ceto Mundiarso – January 2006

Saxophonist from the United States in the last few years often stays between Jakarta and Hong Kong.  In these times he has play with many local musicians. This is the result of the first recording with musicians from Indonesia, Japan and the United States musician who lived in Hong Kong.

If the kick lunge Joe Rosenberg himself, in 1993 he formed a group called Affinity, which was supported by Richard Sanders, Buddy Collette and Rob Sudduth, is mostly oriented free Bop to the re-use works of Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy or the composition of modern-jazz music. Most recorded under the label Music & Art.

This album is the style of improvisation they opened with a composition that might be variations in the composition of the famous' Teo 'belonging to Miles Davis.  Lyrical, mid-tempo and basic capital chords are quite prominent. Composition of the next three sequentially through the swing between the forms Bop with a free improvisation. Masako Hamamura appearance in the composition of the first two had to steal the attention. In addition to Peter, most pianists can adjust to game conditions and mood.  Blast soprano saxophone Joe Rosenberg is soft this seems likely to build the framework composition at the same time.

Three series of composition is the core of this album with the same title. They have a similarity in mood that the shows  intimate communication and warmth. Making more exploration in the response and sensitivity of each musician. Beginning with a duet between Joe and Peter friction with the help thickness conversation. Before entering the composition of the three, first game with the twang of piano and gemercing perkusi the feel of the building meditatif. Furthermore, its focus is on Joe notch with layers in the pastel colors of the composition tends to become dull.. The last, to return to in a bit more fresh with a set rhythm, neo-Bop.

Some musicians might have been appropriate and when its position. Unfortunately, that's exactly Aksan Indonesia in less than a maximum sound exploration in creating atmosphere like this. In addition, there is something less bite from their overall appearance. Say what they have is good, but seemed to be emotionally flat course. Several times I saw them on stage appearance, which is capable of showing more heat again.