“Rosenberg places the moment-to-moment development

of the music first... In full flight (he) can withstand

comparisons to vintage Wayne Shorter and Joe Farrell.”

Bill Shoemaker • Down Beat • USA

“Rosenberg immediately takes part of us into another temporality, as a musical meditation on the edge of stillness, bringing attention to focus on the smallest movements.”

Pascal Rozat • Jazz Magazine • France

“His rigor passes precisely through what seems

at fisrt sight the most random, and appears and

ends up eventually as the indespensible element

of a vast plot which no one suspected the range of.”

Joel Pagier • Improjazz • France

“A great leader is an alchemist of personalities, Joe Rosenberg

is a great leader.  ... all these musicians are in tune with a singular expression, fine, sensitive and inhabited.”

Ludovic Florin • Jazz Magazine • France

“The music of Joe Rosenberg has the breath of nature;

trembles, murmurs, always searching in a

meditative dimension, and at time austere.”

Vincenzo Roggero • All About Jazz Italia • Italy

“Rosenberg’s last three recordings perhaps include the finest

of what avant-garde jazz currently has to offer.”

Benno Bartsch • Jazz Podium • Germany

“The music has power from concentration,

temporary barrenness and insistence.”

Martin Schuster • Concerto • Austria

Soprano saxophonist and composer Joe Rosenberg studied with the legendary Joe Viola, Buddy Collette and clarinetist John Carter and is a recipient of a 1995 Jazz Performance fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.

His music is guided by three propositions; rhythm is the one indispensable element of all music, music is not in the notes but in the silence between, harmony is everyone contributing to a single continuous narrative.

Joe has performed with artists such as Buddy Collette, Dewey Redman, Gary Foster,  Mark Helias, Tom Rainey, Junko Inishi, Taylor Ho Bynum, Masako Hamamura, Edward Perraud, Arnault Cuisinier, Bruno Angelini, Didier Petit and Frederic Blondy.